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Styangkung Village Shrine Included in Restoration Program for Cultural Heritage

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In Ladakh, in a bid to preserve cultural heritage and foster community development, a significant initiative has been unveiled at the historic shrine of Islamic preacher Akhone Muhammad Shareef in Styangkung Village. Chief Executive Officer, Kargil Development Authority, Abdul Gaffar Zargar declared the shrine’s inclusion in the Sustainable Development Programme (SDP) for restoration as a recognised heritage site.
Mr. Zargar assured comprehensive efforts to restore the shrine to its original form based on available historical records. Historian Mohd Sadiq Hardassi provided a comprehensive briefing on the noteworthy accomplishments and contributions of Akhone Muhammad Shareef and his descendants in the rich tapestry of Purig’s history.

The historical significance of their influence on cultural, religious, and social facets of the region was stressed during the briefing. Mr. Zargar said that the development of the village will ensure sustainable progress for the local populace.

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