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Telangana’s new state symbol to reflect Adivasi culture: Adivasi activists of state praised the CM’s decision

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Telangana’s new state emblem is going to reflect Adivasi culture and will have images of Medaram Sammakka Saralamma and Nagoba goddesses. The decision by Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy has enthused Adivasi activists in the state.

Sammakka (mother) and Saralamma (daughter) were considered Adivasi warriors who fought against the oppressive actions and suppression of their rights by the Kakatiya rulers.

The Medaram Jatara, which takes place in Mulugu district, is considered the biggest Adivasi congregation and festival on the Asian continent.

The Mesram clan of Gonds in Adilabad and surrounding areas holds the Nagoba fair every year, and images of the Nagoba god are going to be incorporated into the state emblem. The Nagoba Jatara, which attracts people from Odisha, Chattisgarh, and other areas, has been recognised as a state festival.

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