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LS Polls: Over 695 candidates to contest elections across 8 States/UTs going for polls in Phase 5

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1586 Nomination forms filed for 49 PCs across 8 States/UTs for Phase 5

695 candidates from 8 States /UTs to contest elections in Phase-5 of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. A total of 1586 nominations were filed for 49 PCs across 8 States /UTs going for polls in Phase- 5 for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

The last date for filing nominations for phase 5 for all 8 States/UTs was May 3, 2024. After the scrutiny of all nominations filed, 749 nominations were found to be valid.

In Phase-5, Maharashtra had a maximum of 512 nomination forms from 13 Parliamentary Constituencies, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 466 nominations from 14 PCs. 4-Chatra Parliamentary Constituency in Jharkhand received a maximum of 69 nomination forms followed by 35-Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh with 67 nomination forms. Average number of contesting candidates in a PC for 5th Phase is 14.

State/UT wise details for Phase 5 of General Election to Lok Sabha Election 2024:

  State/UTNumber of PCs in fifth phaseNomination forms receivedValid candidates after scrutinyAfter withdrawal, final Contesting Candidates
Jammu & Kashmir1382322
Uttar Pradesh14466147144
West Bengal71639388

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