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Hyderabad: A talk on Carbon Dots at GITAM

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Dr. Gangaraju Gedda, Brain Pool Research Professor from the Department of Animal Biotechnology & BET Research Centre at Chung Ang University, South Korea, delivered an invited talk on ‘Recent Advancements of Carbon Dots for Biomedical Applications’ at GITAM School of Pharmacy, Hyderabad on April 30, 2024.

During his presentation, Dr. Gangaraju primarily focused on the biomedical applications of nanomaterials, particularly carbon dots (CDs). He elaborated on various aspects such as their characterization, applications, drug loading and delivery mechanisms, as well as their efficacy in antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral treatments.

Additionally, he discussed their utility as biosensors and contrast agents for medical diagnostics and cell studies, as well as their potential in photoacoustic, photothermal, or photodynamic imaging and therapy, and magnetically assisted imaging and hyperthermia.

Dr. Gangaraju emphasized that the therapeutic properties of carbon dots are contingent upon the selection of precursors and synthesis conditions. He highlighted the simplicity and ease of synthesis methods and underscored the importance of identifying bioactive compounds derived from medicinal plants and exploring their therapeutic potential.

He also shed light on the abundance of opportunities in Korea and internationally, including Asian projects and collaborations such as Indo-Korean projects. He emphasized the importance of joint publications as a means to enhance collaboration and secure research projects.

Prof. G. Shiva Kumar, Principal of the School of Pharmacy, extended a warm welcome to Dr. Gangaraju and introduced him to the audience, setting the stage for an insightful and engaging session.

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