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Indian Coast Guard rescues stranded vessel IFB Rosary 200 NM from Karwar

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New Delhi, 16 Apr 24:  Indian Coast Guard (ICG) demonstrated its commitment to maritime safety and security by swiftly responding to a distress call from IFB Rosary, which encountered engine failure approximately 215 nautical miles from Karwar on 13 Apr 24.

Responding promptly to the distress call, ICGS Savitribai Phule on surveillance was diverted to render assistance. Despite challenging conditions, the ship proceeded with best speed and established communication with IFB Rosary  approximately at 1556 hrs on 14 Apr 24 at a range of 203 nautical miles from the coast.

Upon arrival at the datum at 1625 hrs on 14 Apr 24, a boarding team comprising of technical crew undertook repairs of engine however, all efforts to rectify engines proved futile and it became evident that the engine had seized, rendering the boat immobile.Consequently, with no other viable options available, it was decided to tow the boat safely towards Karwar.

Amidst adverse sea conditions ship commenced towing IFB Rosary at 1910 hrs on 14 Apr 24. Further, Coast Guard District Headquarters (Karnataka), CGS Karwar in collaboration with AD Fisheries Karwar and Thengaipattanam arranged IFB Shree Laxmi Narayan (IND-KA-09-MM-287) to take over the towing operation from the ICGS Savitribai Phule and escort IFB Rosary safely to Karwar port. The boat was safely handover to IFB Shree Laxmi Narayan at 0445 hrs on 16 Apr 24.

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