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Malayali Council celebrated Greener Vishu in Middle East

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The World Malayalee Council (WMC) Middle East put a unique spin on their recent Vishu celebrations, the traditional new year festival of Kerala. Vishu, typically celebrated with fervor in April, marks the start of a new year according to the Malayalam calendar.

While Vishu festivities often involve exchanging symbolic money (“Vishu Kaineetam”), this year the Council prioritized environmental awareness. They replaced the money with gifts of plant saplings, aptly named “Vishuthaineetam” (“Thai” meaning sapling in Malayalam). This eco-friendly initiative began with the Council’s office-bearers gifting a sapling to the Consul General of India in Dubai.

The Council plans to replicate this gesture across all seven emirates.This innovative approach not only promotes nature and sustainability but reflects a growing concern for environmental conservation. It serves as an inspiration for others to embrace greener celebrations and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The United Arab Emirates’ commitment to environmental protection aligns with this initiative. Having hosted COP28, a major climate change conference in 2023, they played a key role in the resulting “UAE Consensus” agreement. This agreement aims to accelerate clean energy use, protect ecosystems, and ensure resources to adapt to climate change.

The World Malayalee Council Middle East, a vibrant regional hub within the WMC’s global network, continues to foster a dynamic community across the Middle East. In the Middle East, the Non-Resident Malayalee Diaspora constitutes the largest contingent living away from Kerala.

The WMC Middle East region serves the needs of both Malayalee residents in the Middle East and those who have returned to Kerala after residing in the region. Primarily focused on addressing the challenges faced by Non-Resident Keralites, the WMC ME Region Province also spearheads welfare, developmental, and charitable initiatives aimed at uplifting economically disadvantaged groups and regions within Kerala.

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