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Hyderabad: GITAM Hosts Talk on ‘Unveiling Tomorrow’s Nexus: Interdisciplinary Research and HPC in Gen AI Era’

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GITAM School of Technology, Hyderabad had the privilege of hosting Dr. Neelima Bayyapu, Associate Professor from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at MIT, Manipal for a guest lecture on ‘Unveiling Tomorrow’s Nexus: Interdisciplinary Research and HPC in the Gen AI Era’. The event was organized by the Department of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering.

During the talk, Dr. Neelima emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing complex challenges and driving innovation in the Generation AI era. She encouraged budding engineers to erase boundaries between disciplines and develop holistic solutions that consider various factors and interactions within complex systems. Dr. Neelima also shed light on topics such as Community Needs, Capturing Growth Trajectory, High-Performance Computing, ethical considerations, and Community Engagement.

In her discussion on future directions for ECE students, Dr. Neelima advised focusing on developing specialized hardware architectures optimized for AI workloads. She suggested exploring novel designs for AI accelerators, such as tensor processing units (TPUs), neural processing units (NPUs), and spiking neural networks (SNNs), to enhance performance, energy efficiency, and scalability.

Felicitation to Dr Neelima

Additionally, she recommended learning about Reconfigurable Computing for AI, Low-Power AI Processing Units, Neuromorphic Computing for AI, High-Speed Interconnects for HPC, Memory Architectures for AI-HPC Integration, AI-Driven Chip Design and Verification, Secure and Trustworthy Hardware for AI-HPC Systems, and more.

The event concluded with a felicitation of Dr. Neelima by Prof. V.R.Sastry, Director of School of Technology, a warm welcome by Prof. T.Madhavi, Head of EECE department, and a vote of thanks by Prof. P.Trinadha Rao.

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