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SCR achieves record track addition of 416 KMs during FY 2023-24

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39 Kms of New Lines, 54 Kms of Guage Conversion, 133 Kms Double Lines, 190 Kms Third Line works completed during the previous financial year, which is highest ever since inception of the Zone

South Central Railways continues to accord special focus towards strengthening its rail network and infrastructure development so as to not only bring new areas onto the railway map for the first time but also enhance the capacity of the existing lines through expansion of rail lines. This focused approach has yielded remarkable results, propelling SCR to unprecedented heights in the fiscal 2023-24. A staggering 416 kilometers of track have been seamlessly integrated into the zone’s rail network, which is the highest-ever track addition in a single financial year in the zone since its inception, underscoring SCR’s commitment to advancing railway infrastructure

The key to this success lies in the meticulous attention given to timely commissioning of rail lines, coupled with effective planning and execution. Notably, the construction and commissioning of 39 kilometers of new lines, 54 kilometers of gauge conversion, 133 kilometers of double lines, and 190 kilometers of third lines represent a collective addition of 416 kilometers to the rail network during the financial year 2023-24. This achievement stands as the highest ever recorded within the zone since its inception, underscoring SCR’s commitment to advancing railway infrastructure.

Going into the details, significant milestones were achieved in the previous financial year across various projects. Within the ambit of new lines, 39 kilometers were completed, comprising 11 kilometers between Duddeda and Siddipet as part of the Manoharabad-Kothapalli new line project in Telangana, and 28 kilometers between Gundlakamma and Darsi as part of the Nadikudi-Srikalahasthi project in Andhra Pradesh.

Furthermore, as part of gauge conversion project, a crucial 54 kilometer stretch between Amlakhurd and Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh was completed as part of the Akola-Khandwa Gauge Conversion Project.

Doubling lines saw notable progress, with 133 kilometers being completed, including 5 kilometers for the Vijayawada Bypass line, 107 kilometers across various sections as part of the Guntur-Guntakal Doubling & Electrification Project in Andhra Pradesh and another 21 kilometers between Sanathnagar and Moula Ali as part of the MMTS Phase-II project in Telangana.

Moreover, in the domain of third lines, a total of 190 kilometers were successfully added during the previous fiscal year. This encompassed 53 kilometers in different sections of the Kazipet-Vijayawada Tripling & Electrification project in Telangana, 60 kilometers in various sections of the Kazipet-Balharshah Tripling & Electrification Project in Telangana and Maharashtra, and 77 kilometers in various sections of the Vijayawada-Gudur Tripling & Electrification project in Andhra Pradesh.

This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the exemplary coordination among various departments of Team SCR and the dedicated efforts of every employee within the Zone. The General Manager of SCR appreciated the efforts of all team members, particularly Construction Organisation, and emphasized that the addition of these critical infrastructure links will significantly enhance train operations, ultimately benefiting rail passengers.

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