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Amarnath Yatra-2024: Preparations are in full swing to provide security to the devotees

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In Jammu and Kashmir, preparations are underway to ensure the safety and security of devotees embarking on the revered Amarnath Yatra in 2024, with focus on disaster management and rescue operations. The Mountaineering Rescue Team of the UT is actively engaged in training activities in the Nud area of Samba district to facilitate the smooth passage of pilgrims through the challenging terrain. 

Anticipated to commence at the end of June and span over two months, the Amarnath Yatra draws millions of devotees from across the country to seek the blessings of Baba Barfani. Given the rugged and inaccessible terrain, the authorities are vigilant to prevent accidents and address any emergencies that may arise during the pilgrimage. 

Comprising 1300 trained soldiers, the Mountaineering Rescue Team is well-equipped to mitigate the challenges encountered by pilgrims along the route. Rigorous training programs are conducted to hone the skills of team members, many of whom have previously undertaken life-saving missions during past Yatras. Presently, personnel from various security forces, including police, NDRF, and paramilitary units, are undergoing specialised training in the hilly areas of Nud in Samba. 

Notably, 260 soldiers and officers, spanning seven batches, have already completed their training, with additional batches currently undergoing rigorous instruction. The training regimen encompasses a wide array of skills essential for disaster management, including rescue operations in the event of landslides, floods, fires, and road accidents. Personnel are trained in rope bridge construction, safe extraction of injured individuals from hazardous locations, and other life-saving techniques tailored to the challenging terrain of J&K.

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