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Hyderabad: GITAM Hosts National Workshop on AI & LLM

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Prof. Siba Udgata, a renowned expert in artificial intelligence (AI) and Professor at the University of Hyderabad, predicts that AI will match human intelligence by 2030. Speaking at the inaugural session of a two-day National Workshop on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models’ (AI & LLM) organized by the Department of Mathematics at GITAM School of Science on Wednesday, Prof. Udgata emphasized the importance of developing AI models that are rich in general commonsense to achieve Artificial General Intelligence by 2030.

Prof. Udgata also highlighted the need for responsible AI development, stressing the importance of privacy, security, and fairness in data collection. He encouraged individuals working in AI to consider the societal impact of their work and to focus on problem identification and definition.

He noted a gap in problem-solving skills among Indian professionals, emphasizing the need to focus on problem identification and definition. Prof. Udgata encouraged individuals to shift their focus from solutions to problem identification, as those proficient in identifying and defining problems are highly sought after.

Prof Siba Udgata addressing the participants

Dr. Akansha Kumar, Principal Data Scientist at Jio Platforms Limited, echoed the need for re-skilling and up-skilling in the rapidly changing AI landscape. He emphasized the importance of continuous learning and collaboration with industry partners to stay relevant in the field.

Prof. Radhika Mamidi, Associate Professor at IIIT Hyderabad, emphasized the role of youth in driving innovation and encouraged students to have a clear vision for their future careers in AI research or industry.

Prof. Kolluru Sree Krishna, Dean of Faculty of Sciences at GITAM, virtually presided over the workshop and urged participants to take advantage of the opportunity to engage with experts in the field and explore new avenues in mathematics and AI research.

The workshop, attended by around 150 participants, provided a platform for discussion and collaboration on the latest advancements in AI and large language models. Dr. Motahar Reza, Convenor of the workshop, Dr. D. Mallikarjuna Reddy, and Dr. Krishna Kummari, Coordinators, played key roles in organizing the successful event.

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