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Visakhapatnam: Beacon (13), a male giraffe, died of cardiopulmonary failure in Indira Gandhi Zoo Park

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In IGZP, The male Giraffe named Beacon, aged about 12.5 years died in the midnight of 24.03.2024. Beacon was brought from Negera Zoo, Malaysia to Vizag Zoo in 2013. The cause of death is due to cardio-pulmonary failure as per the Post-mortem report submitted by the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, IGZP, Visakhapatnam.

The animal was under continuous treatment for past one year and the Zoo authorities have made every possible effort to treat the animal. Regular diagnosis testing, specific treatment and consultation with experts in the field were taken up on a regular basis.

Timely reports on the health status of animal was also being sent to the higher authorities in the department and guidance was taken in this regard. In addition to zoo veterinary doctors, other senior veterinary experts were brought to Visakhapatnam Zoo to provide better treatment to the Giraffe.

Many national and international expert wildlife veterinarians have also been consulted for the treatment of the animal. However, despite the treatment and all efforts to improve its health, animal was losing its body condition from past two months and it died.

Beacon was an important animal to the Vizag Zoo and its visitors and this has created a huge gap in our animal family. Generally, the average lifespan of a Giraffe in most Indian zoo is around 15-17 years. The Curator said that two giraffes will soon be brought from Alipore Zoo, Kolkata to Visakhapatnam Zoo for which proposals have been submitted to CZA and we are likely to get permission soon.

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