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Maritime Operation Of Indian Navy Played A Pivotal Role

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Maritime Operation Of Indian Navy Played A Pivotal Role As First Responder & Preferred Security Partner In Indian Ocean Region

The maritime operation of Indian Navy played a pivotal role as the First Responder and Preferred Security Partner in the Indian Ocean Region. The Indian Navy on March 23 completed 100 days from December 23 of the ongoing maritime security operations under the aegis of Operation Sankalp. The Indian Navy during this time responded to 18 incidents and played First Responder role.

The Indian Navy held maritime security operations in three areas Gulf of Aden and adjoining areas, Arabian Sea and the East of Somalia. Since last 100 days, the naval ships, aircraft and Special forces went for demonstrations and resolved to ‘secure the Sea’.

The Indian Navy in present scenario took the lead in responding to security situations arising out of myriad of threats in the region. The Operation Sankalp helped in safeguarding India’s interests and countering maritime threats and thwarting the resurgence of piracy.

The Indian Navy’s endeavour since December 2023 played a transformative role as the principal hub to enable information exchange in Indian Ocean Region. The Indian Navy also coordinated missions with the Indian Air Force and interoperability of the services.

The Indian Navy with the emergence of piracy in 2008, the Indian Ocean Region witnessed an increase in warships from regional and extra regional navies. The Indian Navy proves ‘Safety of Life at Sea’ remains responsible towards protecting maritime interests.

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