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Hyderabad: GITAM Hosts Expert Talk on ‘Hydrogen as Future Fuel’

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GITAM School of Technology organized an expert talk on ‘Hydrogen as Future Fuel’ at its seminar hall on February 12, 2024. The talk, delivered by Sharma Dronamraju, Director of the Global Earth Observation Institute in Houston, Texas, aimed to shed light on the potential of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source.

During the talk, Dronamraju emphasized the significance of hydrogen as a future contender in the world of energy transition and decarbonization. He highlighted that hydrogen, particularly the geological form known as ‘gold’ hydrogen, has the best chance of winning in the race for a zero-carbon footprint. Furthermore, Dronamraju stated that hydrogen has the potential to replace hydrocarbons by up to 50% before 2050, playing a crucial role in addressing the climate agenda.

Felicitation to Sharma

Explaining the complexities of the ‘subsurface hydrogen system’, Dronamraju emphasized the need for further research and investment to fully understand the sources and sinks of geological hydrogen. He also highlighted the rapid evolution of technologies in exploration, sampling, containment, and transport that are necessary to achieve decarbonization goals.

Dronamraju addressed questions raised by faculty and students, providing valuable insights into the characteristics and challenges associated with hydrogen as a fuel. He was felicitated by Prof. V. Rama Sastry, Director of the School of Technology, along with Prof. P. Srinivas, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. P. Eshwar and Prof. S. Phanikumar. Faculty and students from various engineering departments actively participated in the expert talk.

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