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Telangana: Under Harithanidhi donations Rs. 69.21 Cr: Funds should be spent transparently and responsibly: Minister Kanda Surekha

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Ms. Konda Surekha, Minister for Environment-Forest and Endowments ordered that the Harithanidhi funds should be spent in a transparent and accountable manner, that every rupee received from people and employees should be properly accounted for, and that the forest officials should work continuously for the greening process with the participation of the people.

Minister Smt. Konda Surekha said that the changes coming around the world in terms of environment are becoming a big challenge and the process of greening should continue continuously. The Minister held a special review meeting on Haritanidhi donations and expenditure at the Secretariat today.

The details of donations and expenditure received under Haritanidhi so far were given by PCCF (HoFF) Mr. R.M. Dobriyal explained through a power point presentation. It has been revealed that 69.21 crore rupees have been deposited till now through Haritanidhi, which started in 2021. He said that 43 crores of works have been sanctioned, 29.39 crores have been released and 18.72 crores have been completed. He said that the rest of the works are in various stages.

It was revealed that the establishment of central nurseries, one for each district, the cultivation of large plants for avenue plantation, the remaining works in urban forest parks, and the increase of forests in the surplus lands under the irrigation department under the name of Dasabdi Sampada Vanalu, are being done mainly with the funds received from the Green Fund.

The minister ordered that every rupee in the green fund coming in the form of donations from people and employees should be properly accounted for and work should be done in full transparency and accountability.

It is suggested that details related to allocations and expenditure should be made available to the public online. The Minister instructed Vani Prasad, Principal Secretary, Forest and Environment Department, to examine the quality of work being done on the nurseries established in various districts and give him a report.

The minister also asked to examine the audit reports of completed works. . She said that the funds should be immediately withdrawn from the districts where the works have not been sanctioned and started and should be allocated for new works. The minister said that priority should be given to planting trees like chinta, neem and rela along the roads suitable for the nature of the Telangana soil.

PCCF (CAMPA) Dr. C Suvarna, other officers and staff participated in this review meeting.

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