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Coal Ministry Achieves 99.73 Million Tonne Production in January 2024

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With 6.52% Growth, Coal Dispatch Touches 87.37 MT

Cumulative Dispatch up to January comes to 798 MT

The Ministry of Coal has achieved a significant upswing in overall coal production during the month of January 2024, reaching 99.73 Million Tonne (MT). This surpasses the figures of 90.42 MT of the corresponding month during the previous year, representing an increase of 10.30 %.

The production of Coal India Limited (CIL) has risen to 78.41 MT in the month of January 2024 marking a growth of 9.09 % as compared to 71.88 MT in January 2023. The Cumulative Coal Production (up to January 2024) has seen commendable leap of 784.11MT (Provisional) in FY’ 23-24 as compared to 698.99 MT during the same period in FY’ 22-23, with a growth of 12.18%.

Coal dispatch witnessed a significant boost in January 2024, touching 87.37 MT, compared to  82.02 MT recorded in January 2023, with a growth rate of 6.52%. At the same time, Coal India Limited (CIL) dispatch demonstrated outstanding performance, reaching 67.56 MT in January 2024, compared to 64.45 MT in January 2023, representing a growth of 4.83%. The Cumulative Coal dispatch (up to January 2024) stood  at 797.66 MT (Provisional) in FY’ 23-24, compared to 719.78 MT during the corresponding period in FY’ 22-23, with a commendable growth of 10.82%.

As on 31.01.2024, the coal stock held by coal companies witnessed a notable surge, reaching  70.37 MT. This surge reflects an impressive annual growth rate of 47.85 % underscoring the robust performance and efficiency of the coal sector. Concurrently, the coal stock at Thermal Power Plants (TPP), specifically at the location identified as DCB, marked a notable increase to 36.16 MT on the same date, with an annual growth rate of 15.26%.

The above statistics underscore the coal sector’s resilience and commitment to meeting the nation’s energy demands. The Ministry of Coal remains steadfast in fostering sustained growth and efficiency within the sector.

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