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Hyderabad: India is a Vibrant Democracy; says VC Nalsar Prof. S.D.Rao at GITAM

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On January 25, 2024, Prof. Srikrishna Deva Rao, Vice-Chancellor of NALSAR University of Law, delivered an inspiring talk on ‘Reflections on Constitution and Common Man’ at GITAM School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHS), organized as part of the Republic Day Talk series. During his talk, Prof. Rao emphasized the vibrant democracy of India and the key pillars of the constitution that uphold the rule of law, supremacy of the constitution, democracy, and an impartial and accessible judiciary.

Prof. Rao highlighted the importance of constitutional literacy and encouraged individuals to engage with the constitution, develop their views, and understand the fundamental rights and directive principles enshrined in it. He also spoke about the significance of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) as a means for the common man to access the courts and address their grievances.

During the talk, Prof. Rao discussed the seven ideas, aims, and goals of the Indian Constitution, shedding light on the making of the constitution, the preamble, fundamental rights, directive principles, fundamental duties, and constitutional changes. He emphasized that the Indian Constitution is a living document, reflecting the values of the freedom struggle and striving to create a just, free, and fair society.

Furthermore, Prof. Rao touched upon the role of the judiciary, federalism, and the evolution of the Indian Constitution through landmark cases such as Kesavananda Bharati, Maneka Gandhi, and the Ayodhya judgment. He stressed the dynamic nature of the constitution and the importance of understanding it within socio-political and economic contexts.

In addition to discussing the Indian Constitution, Prof. Rao also shared insights on the future of higher education, internationalization, and the role of technology in shaping the education landscape in the coming years.

To commemorate the event, Prof. Rao donated ‘A Glimpse of Indian Constitution’ as the basic law of the land to the GSHS Director, Prof. Sunny Gosman Jose, to place in GITAM’s Knowledge Resource Centre. The Department of Political Science organized the event, and Prof. Jose felicitated Prof. Rao for his enlightening talk.

Prof. S.D.Rao’s talk at GITAM School of Humanities and Social Sciences was an enriching and thought-provoking session that underscored the importance of constitutional literacy, the evolution of the Indian Constitution, and the future of education in India.

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