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Enterprise ‘KARUANGAN’ Manufacturer and  Exporter – Dyeing and printing

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An  unmarried youth  from  a small village of  Birbhum district  of West  Bengal was searching for a  good  guide to start  his own  enterprise. With his limited computer knowledge, he managed to find  a  name – MGIRI and  immediately  he started contacting MGIRI for his entrepreneurial development. After getting ample knowledge from MGIRI through mobile, he went physically to MGIRI and met scientific team of Khadi & textile division and explained about his desire to start his own enterprise in his locality. 

When enquired about his background it was found that he is not even a graduate ,he belonged to a family which was working on dyeing since past 20 years. He wanted to grow more in the same field and start his own enterprise. He was informed about the basic requirements to start his own enterprise and how to grow stage by stage at MGIRI during his first visit. Agreeing to the guidance of MGIRI, he joined for skill development training on dyeing of Khadi with natural dyes from 09.06.2016 to 29.06.2016.

Soon after the completion of his training at MGIRI, he started preparations for starting his own enterprise at his own village i.e,  Benepukur para, Post – Suri, Dist. Birbhum, West Bengal. As he was planning to start his business at micro level, the funds required for the same were arranged by his family. In August, 2016 his own enterprise called “KARUANGAN” where in Batik, Natural dyeing, Tie & Dye, Shibori laharia, etc is being done on cotton and silk fabric material has been started.

He has employed 5 persons and started his traditional dyeing unit.

At present 100 mtrs of fabric per day can be either dyed or printed. The dyed or printed material is being marketed through sales outlet in local market. He also participates in all the exhibitions, local, district, state and national level across the country for marketing of his material and fetches a monthly income of around Rs. 50,000.

He is in constant touch with Khadi & Textile division of MGIRI and gets technical guidance in traditional dyeing & printing techniques, designs and marketing strategy. At present he has been successful in registering his unit  for exports.

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