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Hyderabad: Poster Exhibition Showcases Digital Humanities Projects at GITAM

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GITAM School of Humanities & Social Sciences (GSHS), in collaboration with the Directorate of Student Life, hosted a Poster Exhibition of Digital Humanities Projects on January 10, 2024. The event, coordinated by the faculty, featured poster presentations by IV semester students, showcasing the outcomes of various classroom projects conducted during the previous semester.

The exhibition displayed a range of projects undertaken by students, each delving into different aspects of Digital Humanities. Projects included topics such as “Print and Digital: Connections, Transitions, and Future,” “Behind the Filters: Unveiling Personalities via Instagram,” “Nurturing in the Digital World,” “Sports, Protest, and Media,” and more.


Students explored contemporary themes related to the digital landscape, offering insights into the intersections of technology, society, and culture. The projects provided a platform for critical analysis and creative expression.

Faculty members, Director Sunny Gosman Jose, professors, and fellow students engaged with the participants during the exhibition. Visitors had the opportunity to interact with the students, who explained their projects and addressed queries from the audience.

Some of the project topics included “Behind the Lens (Women in the Indian Film Industry),” “Digital Identity V/s Self-presentation,” “Architectural Innovations: Exploring the impact of AI on Design and Construction,” and “Digital Analysis of Economic Inequality Trends,” among others.

The Poster Exhibition served as a platform for students to showcase their creativity, research, and critical thinking skills. It highlighted the multidisciplinary nature of Digital Humanities and its relevance in contemporary society.

GITAM School of Humanities & Social Sciences remains committed to fostering academic excellence and providing students with opportunities to explore and express themselves through innovative projects.

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