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Indian Navy deploys six warships for anti-piracy and anti-drone operations in Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden

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Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said that India has deployed six warships in the Anti Piracy and Anti Drone operations to shore up its seafaring prowess. Talking to media in New Delhi yesterday, Admiral Hari Kumar said, the number is going to go up further. He said, a proposal has been submitted to the Government in this regard and clearance is expected shortly.

The Navy Chief said, this deployment is part of a broader initiative to deal with the challenge in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Highlighting the Navy’s preparedness, he said, some warships are already equipped with anti-drone capabilities and the Indian Navy is working on the induction of these capabilities in others. The anti-drone measures include GPS Jammers, surface-to-air missile systems, and laser devices.

On the anti-piracy operation to save 15 Indians from hijacked vessel MV Lila Norfolk in the Arabian Sea, Admiral Hari Kumar said, the Indian Navy must protect the countrymen, no matter where they are. He said, it was not an Indian-flagged ship but the crew was Indian. The Navy Chief said, it is the national policy to help the countrymen whenever they are distressed, and the same was done in Sudan and Ukraine.

He said, the Indian Navy takes the challenge to bring back the countrymen from wherever they are. Admiral Hari Kumar said, directions have been given to the Naval officers to take action to prevent piracy at any cost as Indian Navy wants to keep the Indian Ocean region safe and secure.

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