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Kolkata: Sri Sri Maa Sarada Devi 171st Punya Tithi today

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Today is the 171st Punya Tithi of Sri Sri Maa Sarada Devi. On this occasion, Mangala Arti, Puja, Yajna, recitation of Vedic mantras and other events are being performed throughout the day at the ‘Mayer Bari’ (Home of Sri Sri Maa Sarada Devi) at Bag Bazar. Bag bazar is a suburb of North Kolkata.

The punya tithi is being celebrated at all the centres of Ramakrishna Math and Mission including Belur Math. The birth place of Sri Sri Maa Sarada Devi at Jairambati in Bankura district is also celebrating the punya tithi. It is said that Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa had transferred his ‘Sadhna’ into Sri Sri Maa Sarada Devi, his wife.

Swami Vivekananda gave her the status of Sangha Janani. Maa Sarada is the epitome of love, unity, Gyan and nonviolence. Her life and work are itself a source of motivation for human being. Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita always looked upon  her as a source of inspiration and knowledge.

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