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Hyderabad: GITAMite Aaditya Secures Bronze Medal in National Deadlift Championship

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GITAM School of Technology, Hyderabad Campus, is delighted to announce the outstanding achievement of one of its talented students, Aaditya. A 2nd-year B.Tech Computer Science & Business Systems (CS&BS) student, Aaditya showcased remarkable strength and skill by clinching a Bronze medal in the 44th Open National Deadlift Championship held in Uran, Navi Mumbai.

Aaditya’s impressive performance in the 44th Open National Deadlift Championship is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence. He secured a well-deserved Bronze medal, standing out among participants from across the nation.

The GITAM community, including higher officials, sports coaches, faculty, and fellow students, appreciated Aaditya, for his remarkable achievement. His dedication to sports and his success on the national stage is a source of inspiration for the GITAM community.

GITAM School of Technology commends Aaditya for his exceptional achievement, and the university looks forward to witnessing more such triumphs from its talented students.

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