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Telangana: CM assures cab, auto drivers and food delivery boys: Rs 5 lakh ‘accidental policy’, free medical treatment up to Rs 10 lakh

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Chief Minister Mr. Revanth Reddy has promised to bring an ‘accidental policy’ of Rs.5 lakh for cab drivers, food delivery boys and auto drivers and to provide free medical care up to Rs.10 lakh through ‘Rajiv Arogyashri’. Similarly, they promised to make an app available through T Hub for cab drivers like Ola.

Today Chief Minister Shri Revanth Reddy participated in a meeting held at Nampally Exhibition Grounds to find out the problems of cab drivers, food delivery boys and auto drivers. Know their problems.

Four months ago, the Chief Minister directed the authorities to collect the details of the family of the deceased and provide Rs 2 lakh to the family from the CM’s relief fund in the incident where Swiggy’s delivery boy fell from the building and died after being chased by a dog.

CM Shri Revanth Reddy assured that the points raised by them will be considered on this occasion. He said that his government will act responsibly in providing social protection. Mr. Rahul Gandhi promised to take measures for the employment and social security of the unorganized workers.

A policy decision will be taken in that order. For this, he promised to study the law made in Rajasthan and introduce an effective law in the coming budget sessions. “Organizations should also focus on the welfare of workers and employees instead of only looking at profit. We will not hesitate to take action against any big organization that does not follow the give and take policy.

4 months ago, Swiggy Boy fell from the building after being chased by a dog and died. He saw that the then government would provide any help. But the government did nothing. Governments should act humanely during such incidents.

That is why I am instructing the authorities to collect the details of the family and provide Rs.2 lakhs from the CM’s relief fund to the family,” said Mr. Revanth Reddy. CM Shri Revanth Reddy advised cab drivers, food delivery boys and auto drivers to provide details through applications in Prajapalana Gram Sabhas held from 28th to January 6th of this month.

Applications can be given in any form, digital or manual, he said. Gram sabhas are held once in every four months. CM Shri Revanth Reddy has assured that all the applications received in public will be resolved. Industries Minister Shri Sridhar Babu and other leaders participated in this program.

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