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15th Stakeholders’ Meet: CMD, IREDA Highlights Financial Viability for Emerging Renewable Energy

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Shri Pradip Kumar Das, Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA), reiterated the company’s commitment to leading the charge in transforming new and emerging Renewable Energy technologies into financially viable ventures. He made these remarks during the 15th Stakeholders’ Interaction Meet of IREDA, held today through a virtual platform, which serves as a platform for discussions aimed at advancing the development of the Renewable Energy sector.

The session commenced with a comprehensive presentation highlighting recent business initiatives undertaken by IREDA, showcasing notable achievements and advancements in the Renewable Energy sector. A key focus was placed on recent amendments to IREDA’s existing Loan Products, and an action report was presented on the major suggestions received from stakeholders during the previous interaction meet held on 16th September 2023.

In his address, CMD Shri Pradip Kumar Das expressed sincere gratitude to IREDA’s dedicated business partners, underscoring their pivotal role in the company’s historic growth and achievements over the last three and a half years. He emphasized that the Stakeholders’ Interaction Meetings have played a crucial role in propelling IREDA’s rapid growth, serving as a catalyst for collaborative efforts within the Renewable Energy sector.

CMD, IREDA, attributes the significant success of IREDA’s IPO primarily to the valued customers, who have maintained continuing business relationships with the company over an extended period. Emphasizing the pivotal role of IREDA’s IPO in raising awareness within the investor community and the public at large regarding Renewable Energy development. The meeting witnessed strong participation from esteemed business partners, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives.

During the meeting, borrowers extended their congratulations to IREDA for its historic listing and ‘CMD of the Year,’ along with four other prestigious awards recently received. The borrowers actively participated in the dialogue, contributing several productive suggestions for the development of the Renewable Energy sector. Their insights and suggestions were welcomed by IREDA as valuable inputs that will be considered appropriately in future policy formulations and strategic planning.

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