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Dubai Hosts the 28th International Sindhi Conference: A Celebration of Sindhi Heritage

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Dubai : In a remarkable showcase of Sindhi culture and heritage, Dubai recently hosted the 28th International Sindhi Conference. The event aimed to preserve and promote Sindhi traditions on an international stage.

Distinguished figures, including Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Trade, and V. Muraleedharan, India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, graced the occasion. H Satheesh K. Sivan, Consular General of India in Dubai, Chairman  of Nikai Group Paras Shahdadpuri,was also present, adding to the grandeur of the celebration.

India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, V. Muraleedharan, expressed his delight in addressing the Sindhi community gathered from around the world at the 28th International Sindhi Sammelan organized by the Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations.

He invited the community to continue making meaningful contributions during the Amrit Kaal. Highlighting the commendable achievements of the Sindhi community, Muraleedharan acknowledged their successful businesses across various countries, contributing to fostering economic ties and cross-cultural exchanges. 

The conference served as a global congregation for Sindhis to honor and cherish their language, culture, and historical legacy, tracing its roots back to the venerable Indus Valley Civilization that dates back 6,000 years.A noteworthy step toward making Sindhi more accessible was the transliteration of the language into the Roman script, aiming to bridge linguistic gaps and facilitate a broader understanding of Sindhi culture.

Additionally, a special award was announced in tribute to Mr Vashu Shroff, recognizing his contributions to Sindhi society. The emphasis remained on fostering unity and safeguarding cultural heritage, turning the event into a celebration ensuring the enduring vibrancy of Sindhi identity for generations to come.

The 28th International Sindhi Conference stood  as a celebration guiding the Sindhi community towards a future of continued prosperity and cultural richness.


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