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Govt re-invoked GRAP stage-III curbs in Delhi and NCR to prevent further deterioration of air quality

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The Government has re-invoked the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) stage-III curbs in Delhi and NCR today, to prevent further deterioration of air quality in the region. The decision was taken in the wake of a sudden dip in the overall air quality of Delhi touching the average Air Quality Index (AQI) of 409 as per the daily AQI Bulletin. Under Stage III, Construction and Demolition activities have been banned in Delhi and NCR.

The Sub-Committee of the Commission for Air Quality Management said, the eight-point action plan is to be implemented and ensured by different agencies and Pollution Control Boards of NCR and Delhi Pollution Control Committee. As per the action plan, agencies need to intensify the frequency of mechanized and vacuum-based sweeping of roads.

The Committee also directed agencies to ensure daily water sprinkling along with dust suppressants, before peak traffic hours, on roads and right of ways including hotspots, and heavy traffic corridors, and ensure proper disposal of the collected dust in designated sites and landfills. Further, Sub-Committee asked to increase public transport services and to introduce differential rates to encourage off-peak travel.

As per the Central Pollution Control Board, today the average Air Quality index clocked at 409 in the National Capital. Meanwhile, stage I and stage II of GRAP shall continue in the entire NCR to make sure the AQI level does not further dip. The Commission for Air Quality Management has asked all the agencies to strictly implement Stage I and Stage II. 

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