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UGC clarifies; No foreign institution of higher education shall be allowed to offer any program without prior approval of Govt

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University Grant Commission (UGC) has notified that no foreign higher educational institution will offer any programme in India without the prior approval of UGC.

 In a social media post, UGC Chairman Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar said that under the University Grants Commission (Setting up and Operation of Campuses of Foreign Higher Educational Institutions in India) Regulations, 2023, higher educational institutions will not offer programmes under any franchise arrangement.

He said, such programmes will not be recognised by the Commission. The Commission has also advised students to exercise due caution before taking admission to such institutions. UGC said that action will be taken against the higher educational institutions which violate the rules.
UGC in a notice said that it has observed that many higher educational institutions and colleges have entered into collaborative agreements or arrangements with foreign-based educational institutions or providers not recognised by the Commission.

The Commission said, any such kind of collaboration or arrangement is not recognised and the degrees issued after such collaboration arrangement are also not recognised by the Commission.

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