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ICG signs MoU with Uber for exclusive mobility solutions for anchors

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New Delhi, 15 Dec 2023: The Indian Coast Guard, at the forefront of safeguarding our seas, proudly announces an exclusive partnership with Uber, India’s premier ridesharing app. This collaboration aims to redefine maritime mobility solutions, delivering efficient, reliable, and secure transportation for the official travel and daily commute of Indian Coast Guard officers, staff, and their families nationwide.

Through this pioneering alliance, Uber’s cutting-edge ride-sharing technology will seamlessly integrate into the operational fabric of the Indian Coast Guard via Uber for Business. This innovative approach reflects the Coast Guard’s commitment to embrace modern solutions for transformative change and elevating the overall travel experience for its dedicated personnel.

DG Rakesh Pal PTM, TM, Director General Indian Coast Guard, highlighted the importance of this partnership in addressing the evolving travel needs of Officers, personnel and their families. Emphasizing Uber’s commitments, DG Rakesh Pal further spoke of the dedicated Uber account for Indian Coast Guard personnel (offering exclusive benefits such as zero cancellation fees, access to premium ride categories, and premium customer support).

DG Rakesh Pal, at the forefront of maritime leadership, emphatically asserts, ‘This collaboration transcends mere transportation; it’s a resolute commitment to fortify the well-being and convenience of our dedicated personnel, including our esteemed veterans and their families. As guardians of our coasts, this partnership signifies our unwavering dedication to adopting modern solutions for the benefit of our officers, veterans, and the extended Coast Guard family.

Uber for Business, celebrating a decade of operations in India, proudly announced a strategic partnership with the Indian Coast Guard.             Mr. Abhinav Mittoo, Sr. Country Manager, Uber for Business, Uber India,  South Asia & Egypt, emphasized Uber’s commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of officers, staff, and their families, reaffirming their dedication to reimagining the future of mobility. This collaboration underscores Uber’s continued mission to transform and enhance the way the world moves.

DIG Narendra Singh, Principal Director (Administration) added the partnership with uber extends its focus not only to active duty personnel but also to veterans and their families, recognizing their continued contribution and sacrifice. Emphasizing the pivotal role of Coast Guard personnel as guardians of our coasts, the partnership aims to provide them with an unmatched and reliable travel experience.Uber’s advanced ride-sharing technology integrated into the operational fabric of the Indian Coast Guard for efficient and reliable transportation will help to ease the travelling, hassle-free experience for Coast Guard personnel and their families.

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