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India emerges as major contributor to organic and natural products market globally

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India has emerged as a major contributor to the organic and natural products market globally and its share in the market was 17 thousand 8 hundred 53 crore Rupees in the last three years. In a written reply in Lok Sabha.

Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar said that as per the report of the World of Organic Agriculture Statistics and Emerging Trends 2023, the demand for organic products has increased throughout the world from 21 Billion US Dollars in 2001 to 135.50 Billion US Dollars in 2021.

The major organic products exported from the country during the last three years include Cereals, millet, Processed Food, Tea, Spices, Condiments, Dry Fruits, Sugar, Medicinal plant products, Pulses, Coffee, Oil seeds.

He said that the country is bestowed with significant potential to produce all varieties of organic products due to the diversity in its agro-climatic conditions. This holds promise for the organic producers to tap the market which is growing steadily in the domestic and export sector. Several initiatives have been taken by the Government to enhance the export of organic products from the Country. 

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