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Ministry of Tourism launches National Best Tourism Village and National Best Rural Homestays Competition 2024

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Applications for competitions open till 31st December

Ministry of Tourism has launched National Best Tourism Village Competition 2024 and the National Best Rural Homestay Competition 2024 to strengthen the promotion and development of Rural Tourism in the country. The earlier version of the National Best Tourism Village Competition 2023 recognized 35 villages all over India in Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories.

For the enhancement of Rural Tourism in India the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India launched the comprehensive National Strategy and Roadmap for the Development of Rural Tourism in India, along with the National Strategy for the Promotion of Rural Homestays. The Ministry has initiated the implementation of the National strategies in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management. One of the strategic initiatives for the promotion of Rural Tourism and Rural Homestays is conducting the National Best Tourism Village and National Best Rural Homestays Competition.

To foster collaboration and create a conducive environment for the growth of Rural Tourism, the Ministry has actively engaged Governments, industry stakeholders, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and local communities through these competitions. This multi-stakeholder approach synergizes the efforts to strengthen the rural economies.

The competitions aim to develop healthy competitiveness among the villages and the rural homestays to identify and reward outstanding contributions to Rural Tourism, thereby incentivizing communities and individuals for active contribution to the sustainable development goals.

The competitions will not only boost tourism in lesser-explored regions but also create a ripple effect to increase community involvement, preserve cultural authenticity, and promote sustainable and Responsible practices in the tourism sector.

The Ministry of Tourism has established the Central Nodal Agency Rural Tourism and Rural Homestay (CNA RT & RH) for the effective implementation of the initiatives for Rural Tourism. CNA RT & RH is conducting the capacity building session for the states to create the Master Trainers for the propagation of the competitions to the village level.

The competition was launched on World Tourism Day i.e., 27th September 2023, and the applications for the competitions are open from 15th November to 31st December, 2023. The application portal can be accessed through www.rural.tourism.gov.in

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