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Hyderabad: ‘Catch The Trap’ A special drive to prevent poaching of wildlife in Telangana from Dec 1

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Telangana Forest Department has taken up an innovative program ‘Catch The Trap’ to protect wild animals. The ‘Catch the Trap’ special drive has been implemented from today to prevent the ever-increasing poaching of wild animals in the forests.

After assuming the responsibilities of PCCF, Chief Wildlife Warden, Senior IFS Officer Mr.Mohan Chandra Pargaien, with his experiences and ideas, he concentrated on the conservation of wild animals. ‘Catch The Trap’ A special drive was launched.

If the Forest Department officials and field staff work hard to make the catch the trap special drive program undertaken to prevent wild animal poaching in Telangana successful, the desired results can be achieved. Following are the activities to be undertaken during the Catch the Trap special drive programme.

Killing/hunting of Wild Animals using snares, traps, nets, live wire, poison, explosives etc. is a big challenge.

Materials like wire or nylon or Steel, mesh or other various devices are used.

Mostly such killings are under the guise of preventing the loss of agriculture crops by herbivores and also for consumption and trade.

Other cases of hunting of wild animals is for consumption and trade.

Retaliatory hunting is also common for the loss of livestock due to wild carnivore attack and crop loss.

To prevent attempts of killing/hunting of wild animals, a state wide intensive preventive drive “Catch The Trap” is launched from 1st December 2023.

Foresters will  perambulate possible areas and persons with past record of hunting or suspects and seize any such material or devices meant to use for hunting

Screening of agricultural fields  and adjacent area to forest. 

All material/devices seized shall be properly recorded and transported to Hyderabad for safe custody and to avoid further re circulation at field.

Proper incentive to field staff showing outstanding performance.

Appropriate rewards to Informers duly keeping their identity secret.

Any information regarding such illegal devices or material being used for hunting or person carrying such activity may inform to local DFO of that district or to 9803338666 or 18004255364.

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