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Counting date for assembly elections in Mizoram changed to Dec 4 , counting for MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana to held on Dec 3

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The counting for assembly elections for 4 states, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana will be held on 3rd December while Counting in Mizoram will be held on 4th December.
The Election Commission has revised the date of counting for the Election to the Legislative Assembly of Mizoram from 3rd December to 4th of December,2023. The Commission decided to change the date of counting for Mizoram Assembly elections after receiving several representations from various quarters requesting for change in the date of counting from 3rd December due to Sunday which is a special significance for the people of Mizoram.

Mizoram’s voter turnout trend was registered at 80.66 percent. As per the Election Commission, a total of 174 including 18 Women candidates were in the fray for elections to the 40  Assembly Constituencies.

Chattisgarh’s Phase one elections saw voter turnout of 78 percent whereas Chattisgarh’s Phase two voter turnout was 75.88 percent. The total voter turnout of Chattisgarh was 76.31 percent. As per ECI, a total of 1,181  candidates were in the fray for elections to the 90 Assembly Constituencies.

In Chhattisgarh, residents of 126 villages in Bastar division rejoiced as polling stations were set up for the first time in their villages, since independence in seven Left Wing Extremist (LWE) affected districts. The polling stations were set up to eradicate the hardships faced by voters in these villages as they no longer had to endure long treks through dense forests, hills, rivers and braving the threats posed by LWE to exercise their franchise. The new polling stations were consistent with ECI norms which aim to ensure that no voter has to move beyond a radius of two Km to vote. The voters in these polling stations bear witness to the victory of ‘Ballot over Bullet’ in the ongoing elections.

In Kanker, Chhattisgarh, in a novel initiative, a Rainbow Model Polling Station was set up in Pakhanjur area which is inhabited by the highest number of voters in the third gender category. The polling station had security personnel also belonging to the third gender, thus instilling confidence and eliminating stigma regarding third gender voters. The initiative re-asserts ECI’s commitment towards an inclusive and participative election.

Creating history, for the first time, all the polling booths in the Raipur North Assembly Constituency in Chhattisgarh were staffed and managed completely by women polling personnel making Raipur North the first ever Assembly Constituency to do so, which is a first for any Assembly Constituency in the country. These booths provided a sense of comfort and security for all voters, especially the female and third gender voters for more inclusive elections.

Madhya Pradesh’s approximate voter turnout was 77.15 percent. A  total of 2,534 (including 252 Women) candidates were in the fray for elections to the 230 Assembly Constituencies.The two states MP and Chattisgarh, which boast of a vibrant tribal population, witnessed members of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups  (PVTG) enthusiastically exercising their franchise in large numbers. With a concerted effort to facilitate voting amongst the tribal communities, 100 percent enrolment was achieved amongst the PVTGs residing in both states. Special theme based polling stations were also set up for the tribals in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.        

Rajasthan’s voter turnout was 74.62 percent. As per the ECI, a total of 1,875 candidates were in the fray for elections to the 199 Assembly Constituencies. Polling in Karanpur Assembly Constituency was adjourned due to the death of a candidate.

In a unique initiative, students had put up stalls depicting the cultural heritage of Rajasthan including food, GI tagged products, wildlife, forts. Owing to the concerted effort by the ECI to facilitate voting amongst the tribal communities, they ensured 100% enrollment of over 77,000 Sahariya PVTG residing in the state.

Eight All-Women Managed Polling Stations, Eight All-Youth Managed Polling Stations and one PwD Managed Polling Station were set up per Assembly Constituency. As part of ECI initiative to inspire young voters to participate in the elections, 1592 Polling Stations were set up in the state which were managed by the youngest available staff. Wide use of cVigil app was reported in the state which allowed users to register and have their complaints resolved within 100 minutes.

Telangana’s  voter turnout has been registered at 71.21 percent and total of 2,290 candidates were in the fray for elections to the 119 Assembly Constituencies. There are four Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Communities PVTGs in the State namely – Chenchu, Kolam, Thoti and Kondareddy. A dedicated effort by the Election Commission to facilitate voting amongst the tribal communities ensured 100 percent enrolment amongst the aforementioned PVTG groups.

Voters from these tribal communities participated enthusiastically in the polling. A contingent comprising over two lakh polling personnel were deployed to streamline the efforts towards a free, fair, and peaceful elections.      

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