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‘Jaywun’ Sets Sail as Eco-Friendly Marine Research Marvel, Charting Sustainable Waters Ahead of COP28

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In the eco-conscious lead-up to COP28, the UAE proudly showcases ‘Jaywun,’ its eco-friendly marine research vessel launched by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi  ‘Jaywun,’ a symbol of sustainable innovation, not only marks a significant leap in marine science capabilities but also exemplifies the UAE’s dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

Amid the global urgency to address climate change, at COP28 ‘Jaywun’ actively contributes to the ‘Ocean World Discovery’ project, emphasizing sustainable practices and ecological awareness. The vessel employs green technologies to monitor and comprehensively assess the marine environment, aligning with COP28’s focus on climate resilience and eco-friendly solutions.

A specialized team of environmental experts aboard the vessel conducts research to deepen our understanding of the marine environment while prioritizing sustainable management practices. The vessel’s green design and sustainable features showcase the nation’s resolve to lead by example in environmentally friendly marine exploration. Equipped with cutting-edge, environmentally friendly research instruments, including energy-efficient laboratories and a remotely operated submarine vehicle, ‘Jaywun’ exemplifies responsible marine exploration

Named after a local term symbolizing purity and complete roundness, ‘Jaywun’ goes beyond research; it actively promotes environmental stewardship. The vessel inspires young Emirati researchers to engage with eco-friendly practices, fostering a passion for sustainable oceanography and fisheries studies.

‘Jaywun’ supports groundbreaking environmental initiatives, including the Blue Carbon Assessment Project for Oceanic Fisheries, contributing to the UAE’s goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The vessel actively engages in the establishment of a DNA baseline for the UAE’s main fish species and studies the complete genome sequences of major fish species using eco-friendly methodologies. 

As the global community gathers for COP28, ‘Jaywun’ assumes a prominent role, serving not just as a symbol of cutting-edge marine research but also as a reaffirmation of the UAE’s dedication to sustainable, eco-friendly practices. The vessel’s active involvement in environmentally conscious initiatives underscores the nation’s steadfast commitment to nurturing a more environmentally friendly and resilient future for our planet.

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