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Domestic Coal-based Power Generation increases 8.8% up to October

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Coal Import for blending comes down substantially by 46.5%

India ranks as the world’s third-largest consumer of energy, with an annual electricity demand increase of about 4.7%. Notably, Country witnessed a remarkable 8.18 % surge in   power generation from April to October 2023 compared to the corresponding period of previous year.

Coal-based power generation witnessed an 11.16% increase during Apr-Oct’ 23, as compared to corresponding period of previous year attributing to an unprecedented rise in temperature, delayed monsoons in the Northern region of the country coupled with the resumption of full commercial activities post-Covid.

The Domestic coal-based power generation upto October 2023 reached 686.7 Billion Units (BU), reflecting an 8.88% increase from the 630.7 Billion Units (BU) generated in the corresponding period last year.

Despite the escalating power demand, coal import for blending has decreased substantially by 46.57% to 13.57 (MT) up to October’23 from 25.4 MT in the corresponding period of previous year, showcasing the nation’s commitment to self-reliance in coal production and minimizing overall coal imports.

The government persists in its efforts to further enhance coal production, aiming to increase availability and reduce dependence on imported coal, thereby safeguarding foreign reserves.

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