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Bhupender Yadav Addresses Climate Action Measures at India Global Forum in Dubai on Eve of COP28

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In a significant prelude to the upcoming COP28 summit, Minister of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Bhupender Yadav, delivered a comprehensive address at the India Global Forum in Dubai. Minister Yadav outlined India’s commitment to climate action, emphasizing the country’s achievements and future endeavors in alignment with global goals.

Global Cooperation for Transformative Change

Addressing a diverse audience, including policymakers, various groups, and civil society representatives, Minister Yadav underscored the need for collaborative efforts to bring about transformative change. He emphasized three key measures that form the basis of India’s climate action strategy: mitigation, adaptation, and individual contributions. Minister Yadav positioned India as an active participant in global solutions under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India’s Early Achievements Post-Paris Agreement

Reflecting on the commitments made by nations following the Paris Agreement, Minister Yadav highlighted India’s significant strides in two crucial areas: the reduction of carbon emission intensity and a reduced dependency on non-renewable sources. Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, India proudly stands as the first country in the G20 to achieve its targets nine years ahead of schedule.

Climate Justice and India’s Contribution

Minister Yadav emphasized the importance of the Common But Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) principle, urging a focus on climate justice. He illustrated the disparities between developed and developing nations, stressing the need for a dignified life for every individual. India’s commitment to its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) principles exemplifies its dedication to addressing global environmental challenges.

Financial Commitments and Anticipation for COP28 Outcomes

Discussing the financial aspects of climate action, Minister Yadav called attention to the unfulfilled promise of developed countries to provide $100 billion annually. With COP28 on the horizon, he stressed the need for a finalized definition of climate finance and a new quantifiable goal for the future. The outcomes of the global stocktake, the development of renewable energy, and increased funds for global adaptation practices were highlighted as crucial considerations for COP28.

*India’s Leadership and Forward-looking Initiatives

As India looks ahead to COP28, Minister Yadav outlined the country’s expectations. These include finalizing the Glasgow to Sharm el-Sheikh document, addressing loss and damages, focusing on Article 6 for carbon credit markets, and intensifying efforts in adaptation and renewable energy. Minister Yadav concluded by expressing hope for collaborative discussions that would lead to a cleaner and greener Earth for future generations.

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