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Telangana: Election intensifies in State as leaders including Yeddyurappa, Mayavathi and Pawan Kalyan campaign

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In Telangana, the electioneering has been intensified by all major parties and individual candidates as there is less than a week’s time for campaigning. BJP senior leader Yeddyurappa, BSP Supremo Mayavathi and Janasena President Pawan Kalyan are among those who campaigned in Telangana on Wednesday.
Former Karnataka Chief Minister and BJP leader Yeddyurappa held electioneering for the support of the BJP. He alleged that five guarantees given by Congress are not implemented in Karnataka.  He asked Telangana people not to believe Congress and its six guarantees.

BSP President Mayawati campaigned in Suryapet in support of BSP candidates. Accompanied by BSP State President Praveen Kumar, She said BSP is giving equal importance to Dalits and Adivasis and giving opportunities. She also said that justice would be done to SC, ST and OBC with BSP only. She demanded all parties to give 33 percent of seats based on the reservation in the next parliamentary elections.

Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan kickstarted the party’s campaign in the state. The party is contesting in 8 seats in alliance with BJP. Addressing an election meeting at Hanamkonda, the actor-turned-politician said that it is very unfortunate that the state of Telangana which was formed on the basis of sacrifices has become corrupt.

BJP Rajya Sabha member Dr K Laxman has said his party is considering implementation of the Uniform Civil Code keeping in view the long-term and larger interests of the country. Taking part in the DD Dialogue in Hyderabad, he said a proposal has been made in the party’s manifesto to study and set up a committee on this issue. He expressed confidence that his party will get a majority in the assembly elections in Telangana and that the people will recognize the party for its approach towards development.

BRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao said farmers in Karnataka getting electricity supply for only five hours after giving power to Congress. Addressing an election meeting at Tandur, he asked the voters to give BRS a third term again to have 24-hour electricity and benefit from schemes like Rythu Bandhu.

National Women Congress President Netta D”Souza alleged the BRS of turning people into drunkards in Telangana. Addressing the press conference in Hyderabad she said even though the female population in Telangana is 50 percent BRS government is not protecting their interests. BR’s government had also failed in women’s empowerment as 42 percent of women were still illiterate. Pradesh Congress President Revanth Reddy alleged that the BRS government has not resolved podu land issue during the past ten years. He criticized that BRS has not fulfilled its assurances for the region like reopening of Nizama Sugar factory in 100 days.

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