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Hyderabad: GITAM Highlights the Importance of IoT: In Advancing Technologies and Addressing Societal Challenges

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The Department of Electrical, Electronics, and Communication Engineering of GITAM School of Technology, have been organizing a six-day ATAL Faculty Development Program on ‘Opportunity and Challenges for VLSI in IoT Application’ from November 20th to November 25th. The program aimed to shed light on the significance of the Internet of Things (IoT) in revolutionizing various industries and addressing complex societal issues.

One of the program’s highlights was a lecture delivered by Srini Datla, Founder and CEO of Prajna, on ‘Design of IoT nodes in various applications’. Drawing from his extensive industry experience across Asia and India, Datla emphasized the omnipresence of IoT and its potential to drive advanced technologies and improve efficiency.

During his speech, Datla discussed the myriad uses of IoT, including the collection of real-time data in sectors such as healthcare, energy management, agricultural automation, environmental monitoring, and smart cities. He also highlighted the importance of understanding the implications of interconnected devices on privacy, security, and ethical considerations.

Datla further explored various applications of IoT, ranging from Device Registration and Updates and Remote Patient Monitoring to Predictive Maintenance of Remote Assets and Application in a Smart Factory. He also shared case studies, including the use of IoT in the Parboiled Rice Industry, Siemens Plants, Decision Making Technology, and the autonomous control of a Snack Foods Extruder.

Participants actively engaged with Datla, raising insightful questions that further deepened their understanding of IoT’s potential and challenges. Prof. K. Manjunathacari, Deputy Director, and Coordinator of the FDP, along with Prof. P. Eshwar, felicitated Datla for his informative lecture.

In addition to Datla’s session, ‘Applications of IoT for societal benefits’ by Dr. Amit Agarwal and Dr. Shantanu Saha of GITAM delivered a lecture on ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Hexagonal Boron Nitride: An Emerging Material for Quantum Information Science’ in the afternoon session.

The ATAL Faculty Development Program will continue until November 25th, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with VLSI in IoT applications.

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