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Maharashtra officials studied Telanganaku Haritha Haram (TKHH) results: Best in urban areas

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Telanganaku Haritha Haram is an excellent program . The results of increasing greenery in urban areas are good

Mr. B. Venugopal Reddy, Principal Secretary (Revenue & Forest Department), Government of Maharashtra said that the state of Telangana has achieved excellent results through Telanganku Haritha Haram (TKHH), which was started with the aim of increasing greenery throughout the state. A team of higher officials from Maharashtra came to Hyderabad to study the Haritaharam results. The team had a special meeting with the top officials of the Telangana Forest Department at Aranya Bhavan.

On this occasion, PCCF (HoFF) Mr. RM Dobriyal gave a power point presentation to the Maharashtra officials on the topics undertaken under the Harrita Haram programme. PCCF explained to them about the results and achievements of Haritaharam, which has been running for nine years.

PCCF explained the results achieved in the last nine years through Haritaharam, which started in 2015, with the help of photos and videos. So far, 292 crore saplings have been planted, reforestation of 11.44 lakh acres has been completed, multi-level avenue plantation has been undertaken along more than 12,000 kilometers of roads, along with 12,003 nurseries, 19,742 rural nature forests, 2077 large nature forests, 1022 acres of irrigation lands have been established. The Sampada Vanas have been established Dobrial explained in the meeting that we have achieved 7.70 percent increase in greenery across the state.

He said that these achievements have been achieved with the perseverance and coordination of all departments at the government level. He said that in the coming year (2024) too, 20 crore saplings have been set as a target to be planted across the state. Along with public representatives at every level, from the Chief Secretary to the secretary at the village level, the PCCF said they were part of Haritahara. It was explained that 109 urban forest parks developed in forest areas near all urban areas have become urban lung spaces that provide health for the coming generations.

The officials of Maharashtra stated that the greening programs in Telangana are good, along with the political will and the efforts of the officials, the excellent results have been achieved.

Mr. Venugopal Reddy said that it is good to change the Panchayat Raj and Municipal Acts and make the lower level public representatives and officials accountable, especially in the urban areas along with increasing greenery, forest urban parks, avenue plantation along all the roads, setting up nurseries at the village level. They said that they have heard that the border of Telangana starts from where greenery is seen along the highway.

Mr. B. Venugopal Reddy, Maharashtra Principal Secretary said that a team of officials will soon visit Telangana at the field level and study the achievements of Haritaharam. Telangana officials were also invited to visit Maharashtra.

In the meeting Maharashtra Additional PCCF (Planning, Development) Mr. P. Kalyan Kumar, Additional PCCF (Social Forestry) Mr. Vivek Kandekhar along with Telangana PCCFs Mr. Alusing Meru, Dr. C. Suvarna, MC Pargain, Additional PCCF Ms. Sunitha Bhagwat, Panchayati Raj, Rural Development Department Officer Pradeep Kumar Shetty, Haritanidhi Special Officer Srinivas and others participated.

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