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Telangana: BJP releases manifesto: Promises to revoke religion-based quota and set up Commission to probe scams

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Senior BJP leader Amit Shah released the BJP election manifesto in Telangana today stating that the BJP has fulfilled every assurance it has given to people and it will implement every promise. Speaking after the release of manifesto, he explained that all assurances relating to Triple Talak, Article 370 and Ram Mandi have been fulfilled.

He said the state did not achieve anything for which a separate state was formed. He said the surplus Telangana state has become a debt-ridden state due to the family corruption of the BRS chief and people’s government has become a family rule.

He said none of the targets to provide funds, water and employment in the state has been fulfilled. He assured people that the manifesto is the guarantee of Narendra Modi. He said BJP will do what it says and said the next Chief Minister will be from the Backward Classes if BJP is voted to power.

The Manifesto mentions removal of the reservations given in the name of religion and speaks of giving it to BCs, SCs and STs. The BJP proposed a separate Ministry for implementation of the central schemes. It also assured that a separate agency will be set up for the welfare of Gulf workers, a retire Supreme Court judge will enquire into all corruption charges and recruitment notifications will be issued every 6 months. 

The manifesto further said VAT will be cut on petrol and diesel and it assures of 10 lakh rupees health insurance per family. Mr Shah further said that September 17th, the day on which Hyderabad was liberated, will be officially celebrated and a museum and memorial will be set up.

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