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Kerala Forest officials creates ‘Ayyan’ mobile app to protect Sabarimalai Ayyappa devotees from wild animals

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Kerala Forest Department has specially designed and released Ayyan Mobile App for the protection of Ayyappa Swamy devotees. During the Sabarimalai Yatra, the Kerala Forest Department has created this app to provide immediate assistance to the devotees who are walking through the dense forest area from Erimeli via Pamba to Sabarimalai (54 KM) without any threat from wild animals.

It seems that this app has been prepared after extensive discussions with the Kerala Forest officials, not only considering the problems faced by the wild animals to the devotees who walk through the dense forest to visit the Sabarimalai Ayyappa Swamy, but also considering the attacks of wild animals on the devotees who walk to visit the Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

Mr. D. Jaya Prasad, PCCF (WL), Kerala Forest Department said that when the devotees walking through the dense forest area are attacked by wild animals such as elephants, they can use this app for immediate help and provide information to the forest officials and staff to protect them from wild animals.

The PCCF stated that the Ayyan App, designed for the benefit of devotees who walk through the dense forest to visit Sabarimalai Ayyappa Swamy, can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and may be useful in emergency situations.


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