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‘World Food India’ attracts around 50,000 Cr in FDI, establishing its position as global player in the industry

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In a recent interview on Spotlight, senior journalist Nirendra Dev discussed the successful conclusion of World Food India 2023 and its significant impact on India’s food processing sector. He highlighted the sector’s growth over the last nine years, stating that India has attracted around 50,000 crore rupees in foreign direct investment, establishing its position as a global player in the industry.

Dev emphasized the importance of reforms in connecting small farmers to domestic and international markets. He noted that the food processing sector is the fifth largest in terms of production, consumption, and exports, with a remarkable 150% increase in processed food exports in the last nine years. The sector’s success has led to greater optimism among small farmers and industry players, who are now eager to explore investment opportunities.

One of the key factors contributing to this success is the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, which encourages innovation and technological advancements in the food processing industry. Dev also mentioned the impact of the Agri India fund, focusing on post-harvest infrastructure, which has further boosted the industry’s development.

The interview highlighted the role of Farmers’ Produce Organisations (FPOs) in empowering small cultivators and women in the food processing sector. Dev praised the government’s emphasis on cooperatives and tax relief for FPOs, enabling small farmers to collaborate and increase their profits.

The interview also touched on the importance of adopting sustainable food practices, such as eating according to the season, maintaining a balanced diet, and embracing diversity on the plate. Dev emphasized the need for a shift in urban food culture towards healthier and more balanced eating habits.

Technology was identified as a crucial driver of change in the food processing sector, reducing post-harvest losses, ensuring sustainable packaging, and empowering women in the industry. Dev underlined how technology, when combined with taste, can transform India’s food scenario and lead to a healthier, more sustainable, and prosperous food sector.

In conclusion, World Food India 2023 has had a significant impact on India’s food processing industry, driving growth, innovation, and sustainability. The interview with Nirendra Dev shed light on the achievements and ongoing efforts that are transforming India into a global food powerhouse.


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