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AP Forest: Dehradun IFS probationers visits Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Visakhapatnam

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IFS probationers from Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun visited Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam today as part of their official training tour of South India.

During their visit, the probationers learnt about the various aspects of zoo management and conservation breeding in zoos. Dr. Nandani Salaria, Curator, IGZP, Visakhapatnam provided them with valuable insights about the conservation efforts taking place at the Vizag Zoo.

The curator explained about the history and significance of the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, which is known for its diverse collection of animals, including several endangered and rare species. They were also briefed about the Conservation breeding Program of Asiatic Wild Dog and taken to the Wild Dog Breeding Centre in the zoo.

The curator explained the importance of this breeding programme in the context of preserving endangered wild dog species. The probationers were inspired to witness the dedicated efforts of the zoo staff in breeding these animals. Jr. Veterinarian, IGZP explained the feeding and health monitoring aspects of the wild dogs.

The curator shared about animal behaviour and the importance of studying it for both conservation and the welfare of the animals. The visit to the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park provided the probationers with a deeper understanding of the role that zoos play in preserving our wildlife.

This visit was an invaluable experience for the probationers and will inspire them in their future roles as guardians of our natural world. Smt. Mangamma, DCF, IGZP and Assistant Curators Sh. Gopi, Sh. Gopala Naidu, Forest Section Officers Smt. Bharti, Sh. Rajesh, Zoo Education Team participated in this program.

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