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Delhi: GRAP stage -3 imposed with immediate effect as air quality deteriorates

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The Graded Response Action Plan, GRAP stage -3 has been imposed in Delhi with immediate effect as air quality deteriorates. Delhi’s average Air Quality Index stood at 402 which is in the Severe Category.

Union Environment Ministry said that in the wake of the deteriorating air quality of Delhi and NCR, the Sub-Committee for operationalisation of the Graded Response Action Plan met today. It has enforced a strict ban on construction and demolition activities in the entire National Capital Region.

The Comittee has asked to ensure daily water sprinkling along with dust suppressants and intensify the frequency of vacuum-based sweeping of roads. It said, that State Governments in NCR and Delhi may take a decision on discontinuing physical classes in schools for children up to Class Five and conducting classes in an online mode.

The committee has also asked to close down the operations of stone crushers and all mining and associated activities in the NCR. It has appealed to the citizens to not use coal and wood for heating purposes.

The committee said, it has invoked Stage-3 of GRAP to prevent further deterioration of air quality in the region. This is in addition to the restrictive actions mentioned in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of GRAP.

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