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MEAI Hyderabad Chapter celebrates ‘Indian Mining Day’

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More efforts for environment-friendly mining: Reduction of carbon emissions must be given top priority: Mining luminaries emphasize on Indian Mining Day celebrations

Senior mining intellectuals have called for more efforts to be made towards environmentally friendly mining along with extracting mineral wealth for the benefit of the nation with state-of-the-art technology.

Deputy Director of Mines Safety Ranganadha Eshwar, who participated as the chief guest in the Indian Mining Day celebrations held on Wednesday at the Hyderabad Chapter office of the Mining Engineer Association of India in honor of the Indian Mining Day, called on former presidents MD Pasiuddin, Rajagopal, Rammohan.

He spoke as the chief guest at the Indian Mining Day celebrations held at the office of the Mining Engineers Association of India in Hyderabad on Tuesday. He appreciated that engineers are playing a huge role in the extraction and utilization of mineral wealth in the context of India becoming a leading economy in the world.

At the same time, they stated that there is a need to continue the mining process without harming the environment. He stated that since the environmentally friendly mining methods are available today, there is a need for mining engineers and intellectuals to properly guide the industrialists to follow the best methods that do not harm the environment and the nearby villages.

He appreciated that every year Indian Mining Day is organized all over the country, but Hyderabad MEAI is appreciative of organizing it as a festival with various programs on a wide scale.

 He stated that there is a need to give more priority to protection in mining engineering today as compared to the past, and the responsibility of motivating young engineers in this direction is also on the Associations of Mining Engineers.

On the occasion of Indian Mining Day, gold medals were presented to the winners of a special competition and quiz on the reduction of carbon emissions in the mining sector at Osmania University’s Affiliated College of Mining.

NNDC Executive Director B Sahu, Secretary General M Narasiah, Vice Presidents Dr. M.M. Venkataramaiah, Hyderabad Chapter Secretary L. Krishna and others also spoke in this program.

Osmania Mining College Celebrates..

Meanwhile, Mining Day was organized under the auspices of Engineer Association of India in the Mining Engineering Department of Osmania University. After inaugurating the Indian Mining Day scheme, the students and teachers took the pledge together in the presence of the college principal Professor Sriram Venkatesh.

Former Chairman of Naiveli Lignite B Surendramohan, Vice Chairman Dr. M. M. Venkataramaiah, senior mining intellectuals Mr. Guranganadheshwar, E. Srinivas, K. Peter B. Paparao, Dr. B. Prasad, P. Kondaiah and others spoke as the Chief Guest.

Also, Indian Mining Day was celebrated in Mallareddy Mining College under the Mining Engineers Association of India Students Chapter.

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