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Hyderabad: GITAM Organizes Blood Donation Camp

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GITAM Deemed to be University, Hyderabad, in collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society, Thalassemia Task Force, and HDFC Bank, hosted a highly successful blood donation camp on October 30, 2023. The event, held at the university campus, aimed to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and highlight the impact it can have on saving lives.

The Blood Donation Camp, organized by the Charaiveti Club of GITAM, Hyderabad, witnessed an overwhelming response from students and staff. The event was held under the theme “Donating blood can make a big difference; give the gift of life to others,” to educate students about the significance of their contributions to society.

DVVSR Varma, Resident Director of GITAM, expressed his appreciation for the students’ efforts in organizing the Blood Donation Camp. He commended their initiative and encouraged voluntary donors to actively participate in similar events. Varma emphasized the importance of regular blood donation and applauded all the blood donors for their selfless act.

C Vanaja Reddy, Sangareddy District Red Cross Chairman, shed light on the benefits of blood donation for both the donor and the receiver. M.Pandu Ranga Vithal, Manager, WBO – CMS, HDFC Bank, and K. Sailesh Babu, Founder and CEO of Dr. K.V.R Foundation, were also present at the occasion, showing their support for the noble cause.

According to the Red Cross sources, the Blood Donation Camp successfully collected approximately 180 units of blood. The Red Cross emphasized that blood donation is the most precious gift one can give to another person – the gift of life. The donated blood can be separated into its components – red cells, platelets, and plasma – which can be used individually to treat patients with specific conditions, potentially saving multiple lives.

GITAM, Hyderabad, is proud to have organized such a successful Blood Donation Camp, thanks to the active participation and support of the students, staff, and collaborating organizations. The university remains committed to promoting humanitarian causes and inspiring its students to make a difference in society.

Khadi Mahotav

The National Service Scheme of GITAM celebrated ‘Khadi Mahotsav’ on October 30, 2023, in association with Khadi and Village Industries Commission, and MSME. The Khadi Mahotsav campaign aims to sensitize the youth towards Khadi, ‘Vocal for Local’ and make them aware of the benefits of these to our economy, ecology & women empowerment and to encourage the public at large & youth in particular to buy Khadi & local products and inculcate in them pride for local products.

DVVSR Varma, Resident Director, Dr. P.V.Nagendra Kumar, Coordinator, NSS, KVIC AND KVIB staff, NSS Volunteers, and students take part in this celebration.

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