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Education Ministry clarifies that NCERT crafted ten special modules on Chandrayaan-3

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The Education Ministry today clarified that NCERT has meticulously crafted ten special modules on Chandrayaan-3 which offer a comprehensive overview of various facets of this mission, encompassing scientific, technological, cultural, and social aspects.

In response to some media reports regarding ‘mixing science with mythology’ with reference to the Chandrayaan 3 Special Modules, the Ministry of Education has clarified that it is important to equip teachers and students with knowledge that transcends traditional textbooks.

It said this endeavour aims to instill a sense of pride in India and its accomplishments. The Ministry added that it is essential to extend curricular material beyond textbooks, presenting the nation’s achievements in a manner that is both accessible and captivating for the educational community.

The Education Ministry said the content within these modules has been thoughtfully designed to be interactive and engaging. It includes graphics, photographs, illustrations, activities, and challenging questions. These modules cater to students across the stages of school education, spanning from grades 1 to 12.)

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