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Hyderabad: World Kuchipudi Day Celebration at GITAM: Showcases Rich Tradition of Indian Classical Dance

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The Department of Fine and Performing Arts at GITAM Hyderabad, under the esteemed School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHS), celebrated World Kuchipudi Day on October 20, 2023. This magnificent event paid homage to the venerable Kuchipudi dance form, a classical Indian art that originated in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, India.

World Kuchipudi Day, inaugurated in 2020, is celebrated annually on the birth anniversary of the legendary Kuchipudi guru, Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati China Satyam, on October 15th. This year, the celebration took place at the renowned Kinnera Hall, featuring a captivating performance by 23 talented students who showcased the choreographies of the legendary guru.

The event was a mesmerizing journey through the soul of Kuchipudi, and it captured the essence of this classical art form with grace and finesse. The program included a repertoire of remarkable performances including Brahmanjali, Jathi Swaram, and Film Screening.

Students showcasing their Kuchipudi Dance Performance

The celebration also featured a ten-minute film screening that delved into the history, essence, and significance of Kuchipudi, providing an insightful view into the world of this classical art and Ananda Tandavam. A special highlight of the event was the performance of “Eruvaka Sagaro,” a folk number originally choreographed by Vempati Peda Satyam for a Telugu movie. This performance was a tribute to the monumental contribution of Kuchipudi gurus to the Telugu cinema industry.

All the students who participated in this remarkable showcase were trained under the guidance of Dr. Y. Lalitha Sindhuri, Assistant Professor in Kuchipudi.

The celebration was graced by the presence of numerous distinguished individuals, including Dr. Sunny Jose, Director of GSHS, Dr. D.R.P. Chandrasekhar, Head of the Department of English, and Dr. Mythili Anoop, Coordinator of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts.

“We are thrilled to have celebrated World Kuchipudi Day and showcased the rich tradition of Indian classical dance at GITAM Hyderabad,” said Dr. Sunny Jose, Director of GSHS. “The performances were truly captivating and demonstrated the talent and dedication of our students. We are proud to contribute to the preservation and promotion of such a significant art form.”

The list of performers included Nandini, Vidushi, Supritha, Indeevara, Madhumita, Ann Maria, Shruthi, Spandana, Yamini, Aditi, Manvitha, Bhavana, Tejaswi, Tejasri, Pranava, Pavitra, Poojitha, Manogna, Kavisha, Bhavya, Harshita, and Sukriti.

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