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Hyderabad: GITAM Alumni Sets Sights on 11 new Guinness World Records

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GITAM Deemed-to-be University, Hyderabad, School of Technology alumni Shivali Johri Srivastava, along with her parents Kavita Johri Srivastava and Anil Srivastava, is aiming to break eleven new Guinness World Records for the world’s largest display of Origami. The records they are hoping to achieve include the largest display of Origami Bat, Car, Dino, Dog, Frog, Peacock, Penguin, Pig, Shirt, Maple, and Lemon. The attempt is currently being adjudicated by Guinness World Records and the results will be announced soon.

The Srivastava family has already made impressive accomplishments in the field of Origami. They have displayed an astonishing number of Origami creations, including 6,500 bats, 5,500 cars, 3,200 dinos, 1,800 dogs, 3,600 frogs, 3,100 peacocks, 2,800 penguins, 3,100 pigs, 4,100 shirts, 6,000 maple leaves, and 6,200 lemons. These records were authorized by independent judges who personally witnessed the display and conducted thorough counting.

Shivali Johri Srivastava, along with her parents Kavita Johri Srivastava and Anil Srivastava

Shivali Johri Srivastava has previously secured an impressive 13 Guinness World Records for various achievements, including the largest display of 1,251 different handmade paper dolls, 7,011 uniquely quilled flowers, 2,111 different handmade paper quilled dolls, 3,501 origami whales, 2,100 origami penguins, 6,132 origami citrus fruits inflated lemons, 6,001 origami whales, 2,500 penguins, 1,993 origami maple leaves, and 2,200 quilled dolls. In addition, she has also secured fifteen Assist World Records and four Unique World Records.

GITAM Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. D.S.Rao, Resident Director DVVSR Varma, First Year Coordinator Prof. P.Trinatha Rao, HoIs, HoDs, faculty, and students of GITAM Deemed-to-be University, Hyderabad, are enthusiastically supporting Shivali Johri Srivastava in her quest to secure eleven more Guinness World Records in the near future.

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