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Hyderabad: ‘Statistics Everywhere’ says Prof. J.S.Rao USA

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The Department of Mathematics at GITAM School of Science, Hyderabad, hosted a guest lecture by Prof. J.S.Rao, a distinguished professor from the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. The lecture, titled “Statistics – Some Excursions,” was held on October 12, 2023.

Prof. J.S.Rao, an expert in the field of statistics, emphasized the pervasive nature of applied statistics in today’s society. He highlighted that statisticians are continuously working behind the scenes to discover and implement world-changing developments. The application of statistics extends to various fields such as data mining, business analytics, actuarial and financial models, text analysis, and image analysis.

The role of statistics in the real world goes beyond these specific fields. It plays a crucial role in government operations worldwide, contributing to public safety, healthcare improvements, and advancements in knowledge across various disciplines. Prof. J.S.Rao emphasized the importance of statistical support for researchers in any substantive field.

Prof J S Rao addressing the GITAMites

“In today’s data-driven world, the application of statistics is an ever-present reality that touches every aspect of society,” said Prof. J.S.Rao. “While the field of statistics has been around for centuries, its impact has significantly expanded in recent years due to innovative problem-solving approaches by modern statisticians.”

The guest lecture was welcomed by Prof. B.M.Naidu from the Department of Mathematics, who expressed gratitude to Prof. J.S.Rao for sharing his expertise. Dr. D.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Assistant Professor, proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the GITAM School of Science.

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