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Amaravati: PCCF Madhusudhana Reddy inaugurates anti-poaching cell at AP Forest head quarters in Mangalagiri 

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Toll Free Number 1800-425-5909 Arrangement

Mr. Y. Madhusudana Reddy, PCCF (HoFF) said that hunting wild animals is a crime under the law and strict action will be taken if such incidents happen in any situation. An anti-poaching cell was launched at the state forest department headquarters on Wednesday.

On this occasion, PCCF said that in forests, villages and any other area of Andhra Pradesh state. As soon as the natives come to their attention if wild animals are being hunted. He asked to give information on toll free number. He also launched a toll free number on this occasion. He asked to give information to the number 1800-425-5909.

The concerned officials were alerted as soon as this number was informed that this anti-poaching cell was working under the direction of a range officer in the head office of the state forest department. He opined that there will be a chance to catch the accused.

He added that since this poaching is likely to happen especially in villages and forest areas, strict vigilance should be established in those areas and the information provided by the locals will be very useful to stop the poaching of wild animals.

He said that the forest laws would be very strict in case of poaching of wild animals, and people should not be jailed for such acts. He said that this anti-poaching cell is working with the aim of protecting wildlife.

The state forest department has already installed most of the CCTV cameras in the forest areas and regular monitoring is being done, PCCF said. He appealed to the citizens to inform this number as soon as any incident comes to their attention. He added that the details of the informants will be kept confidential.

PCCF AK Naik, Additional PCCF Shanti Priya Pandey and other senior officers participated in this program.

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