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Stage-I to be imposed in entire NCR when the daily average AQI of Delhi touches/ crosses 201 index value under GRAP

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Delhi recorded daily average AQI of 177 on 05.10.2023 and today the air quality surpassed the ‘Moderate’ category and entered into the ‘Poor’ category

As per the Daily AQI Bulletin by CPCB, Delhi’s average AQI clocked 212 today at 4PM

All actions as envisaged under Stage-I of the revised GRAP – ‘POOR’ Air Quality, to be implemented in right earnest by all the agencies concerned, with immediate effect in NCR

27-point action plan as per Stage-I of GRAP is applicable with immediate effect from today in the entire NCR

CAQM urges citizens to follow the specific steps listed in the Citizen Charter of Stage-I of GRAP

Today, Delhi’s average Air Quality Index (AQI) clocked 212 as per the daily AQI Bulletin provided by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). In wake of the average/ overall air quality of Delhi surpassing the ‘Moderate’ category (AQI<200) and entering the ‘Poor’ category ranging between 201-300, the Sub-Committee for operationalization of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) of the Commission for Air Quality Management in NCR & Adjoining Areas (CAQM) met today to take stock of the current air quality of Delhi-NCR.

While comprehensively reviewing the air quality scenario in the region as well as the air quality forecasts made available by IMD/ IITM, it was noted that there has been a sudden dip in air quality in the last 24 hours leading to the air quality of Delhi moving into the ‘Poor’ category.

While the dynamic model and weather/ meteorological forecast by IMD/ IITM predict the overall AQI of Delhi will stay in ‘Poor’ category in the next few couple of days, it is considered necessary to invoke Stage-I of GRAP with immediate effect in the entire NCR in an effort to take steps to prevent further deterioration of air quality in the region.

As per the decision of the Sub-Committee for operationalization of GRAP, all actions as envisaged under Stage I of the GRAP – ‘POOR’ Air Quality (DELHI AQI ranging between 201-300), to be implemented in right earnest by all the agencies concerned, with immediate effect in the NCR.

Various agencies responsible for implementing measures under GRAP including Pollution Control Boards (PCBs) of NCR States and DPCC have been addressed to ensure strict implementation of actions of Stage-I under GRAP during this period.

Further, the Sub-Committee also urges the citizens of NCR to cooperate in implementing GRAP and follow the steps mentioned in the Citizen Charter of Stage I of GRAP. Citizens are advised to:

Keep engines of vehicles properly tuned.

Maintain proper tyre pressure in vehicles.

Keep PUC certificates of vehicles up to date.

Do not idle their vehicle, also turn off the engine at red lights.

Prefer hybrid vehicles or EVs to control vehicular pollution.

Do not litter / dispose wastes, garbage in open spaces.

Report air polluting activities through 311 App, Green Delhi App, SAIVIEER App etc.

Plant more trees.

Celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner – avoid firecrackers.

Do not drive/ply end of life/ 10/15 years old Diesel/Petrol vehicles.

A 27-point action plan as per Stage-I of GRAP is applicable with immediate effect from today in the entire NCR. This 27-point action plan contains steps to be implemented/ ensured by various agencies including Pollution Control Boards of NCR States and DPCC. These steps are:

  1. Ensure proper implementation of Directions/ guidelines on dust mitigation measures in Construction and Demolition (C&D) activities and sound environmental management of C&D waste.
  2. Ensure strict compliance of Direction Nos. 11-18 dated 11.06.2021 not to permit C&D activities in respect of such projects with plot size equal to or more than 500 sqm which are not registered on the ‘web portal’ of the respective state/ GNCTD, for remote monitoring of dust mitigation measures.
  3. Ensure regular lifting of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste, and Hazardous wastes from dedicated dump sites and ensure that no waste is dumped illegally in open land areas.
  4. Carry out periodic mechanized sweeping and water sprinkling on roads and ensure scientific disposal of the dust collected in designated sites/landfills.
  5. Ensure that C&D materials & waste are properly stored/ contained, duly covered in the premises. Ensure transportation of C&D waste in covered vehicles and its recycling at an appropriate processing facility.
  6. Strictly enforce directions and yardsticks for use of anti-smog guns at C&D sites.
  7. Intensify use of anti-smog guns, water sprinkling and dust suppression measures in road construction/ maintenance/ repair projects.
  8. Stringently enforce prohibition on open burning of biomass and municipal solid waste. Impose maximum EC upon violations in accordance with Hon’ble NGT’s orders dated 04.12.2014 and 28.04.2015 in OA 21/2014.
  9. Strict vigil to ensure that there are no burning incidents in the landfill sites/ dumpsites.
  10. Deploy traffic police for smooth traffic flow at all identified corridors with heavy traffic and congestion prone intersections.
  11. Strict vigilance and enforcement of PUC norms for vehicles.
  12. No tolerance for visible emissions – Stop visibly polluting vehicles by impounding and/ or levying maximum penalty.
  13. Strictly enforce the Hon’ble Supreme Court order on diversion of non-destined truck traffic for Delhi, through Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressways.
  14. Strictly enforce NGT/ Hon’ble SC’s order on overaged diesel/ petrol vehicles and as per extant statutes.
  15. Ensure strict penal/ legal action against non-compliant and illegal industrial units.
  16. Stringently enforce all pollution control regulations in industries, brick kilns and hot mix plants etc. – strict compliance of the prescribed standards of emissions.
  17. Ensure that only approved fuels are used by the industries in NCR including in brick kilns and hot mix plants and enforce closure in case of violations, if any.
  18. Stringently enforce emission norms in thermal power plants and strict actions be taken against non-compliance.
  19. Strictly enforce Hon’ble Courts/ Tribunal orders regarding ban on firecrackers.
  20. Ensure regular lifting and proper disposal of industrial waste from industrial and non-development areas.
  21. DISCOMS to minimise power supply interruptions in NCR.
  22. Ensure that diesel generator sets are not used as regular source of power supply.
  23. Enforce complete ban on coal/ firewood in Tandoors in Hotels, Restaurants and open eateries.
  24. Ensure hotels, restaurants and open eateries use only electricity/ clean fuel gas-based appliances.
  25. Information dissemination including through social media and bulk SMS etc. Mobile Apps to be used to inform people about the pollution levels, contact details of control room, enable them to report polluting activities/ sources to the concerned authorities and inform them about actions that would be taken by Government.
  26. Ensure quick actions for redressal of complaints on 311 App, Green Delhi App, SAMEER App and other such social media platforms to curb polluting activities.
  27. Encourage offices to start unified commute for employees to reduce traffic on road.

The Commission is closely watching the situation and will review the air quality scenario on a regular basis in the coming days. The detailed revised schedule of GRAP is available on the Commission’s official website and may be accessed via caqm.nic.in

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